LTronix Range of Aftermarket ECU’s (EFI’s)


RB ECU v1.0

Released: June 2019


  • 26 Map Sites per RPM Range
  • 0 – 12000 RPM (500 RPM Spacings)
  • 60-2 Input Trigger with built in Signal Conditioners
  • Standard 2.5 Bar Map Sensor Built In
  • External Firing Module Required
  • Calibratable (ECT) Water Temp Sensor Input
  • Calibratable (IAT) Intake Air Temp Sensor Input
  • Analog Lambda input
  • Over Duti Cycle Protection Ignition and Fuel
  • Compensation Maps for Air Temp, Water Temp, Bat Voltage, Oxegen Sensor
  • 0.1ms Coil Charge and Injector Times


ECU only released to RB Service Centre –



LTronix RaceTech Controller

Released: July 2019


  • 3 Inputs (Activate Switch, Clutch, Customizable Analog Input)
  • Control E-Boost
  • Control Clutch Slow Release
  • Activates Launch and Lag Control
  • Control Line Lock / Trans Brake
  • Built to Suit your needs (Please inquire)